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How Do You Feel About Your Name, Ebony?

Today’s name interview is with Ebony Anne, a 15-year-old from Australia who happens to be the blogger behind Baby Name Obsessed.

How did she get her name?

My parents just liked it. My mother has never really given me a reason for it but I do know Ebony was near the bottom of her list. Anne is my mums middle name, my grandma’s middle name and my great-grandmother was named Annie.

What does she like most about her name?

It’s common but not everywhere and it’s a name that is [not] hard to pronounce or spell.

(Here’s the U.S. popularity graph for Ebony.)

What does Ebony like least about her name?

The stereotypes it has (I’ve been told online that it’s a black name or a stripper name or a lower class baby name), the way people question my colour when I say my name and the nickname Eb.

Finally, would she recommend that her name be given to babies today?

Yes, even though it is dated especially in Australia where it just fell off the top 100 but it makes a good alternative to the more common Emily.

Thanks, Ebony!

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