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Avril Lavigne vs. Mandy Moore – Thoughts on Consonance and Alliteration

I noticed the name Arvind Devalia in the title of one of today’s Lifehack posts. Arvind is an author of Indian ancestry who currently resides in England (and will be interviewed on Lifehack Live later tonight).

I’m not particularly interested in the interview, but I do like Arvind’s full name. I appreciate how “Arvind” and “Devalia” both pivot on those internal V’s. The pairing reminds me of names like Olivia de Havilland (actress) and Avril Lavigne (singer).

Many people seem to prefer alliteration (e.g., James Joyce, Holly Hunter, Mandy Moore) to consonance, though. For instance, the top three twin names in the nation are:

1. Jacob & Joshua (69 sets of twins)
2. Matthew & Michael (55 sets of twins)
3. Daniel & David (52 sets of twins)

Of course, there’s a good deal of consonance on the list as well:

11. Gabriella & Isabella (33 sets of twins)
60. Ava & Olivia (15 sets of twins)
73. Ethan & Nathan (14 sets of twins)

…So maybe it’s just that alliteration is easier to spot. :)

Which would you prefer — a first and last name that start with the same consonant, as in “Woodrow Wilson,” or a first and last name that contain the same consonant(s), as in “Grover Cleveland”?